Race Power

21/06/2015 00:46

There are Constitutional Amendments on top of the inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people into the Constitution for the proposed Referendum.

One of the amendments (changes) is Section 51(xxvi) of the Australian Constitution.

So lets get to know Section 51(26) of the Australian Constitution and the history.

- Pre '67 Referendum the Government had no Jurisdiction

- '67 Referendum till now the Government uses the Race Power to make Laws for Aboriginal People through a 'Consent' process. 
For example 'The Native Title Act 1993' was 'Consented' to by the 'Magnificent 7.'

- Post Recognition (Pearson Proposal) means that the Australian Government have the power to make any Law for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as a targeted race without limitation or restriction to what kinds of Laws they could be.