What is Recognise?

21/06/2015 01:32

In the Black Law's Dictionary 'Recognise' is to 'enter into a recognisance'.

RECOGNIZANCE is explained in the Black Law's Dictionary as 'binding'.

Furthermore to enter into RECOGNIZANCE is to 'keep the peace' and to 'pay a debt'.

"It resembles a bond, but differs from it in being an acknowledgment of a former debt upon record." https://thelawdictionary.org/recognizance/

The Australian Government want to 'Recognise' 'Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander' people so they can become debt free of any financial obligation.

The Australian Government do not want to be accountable for financial debt on our lands.

The Australian Government will attempt to collect all ownership of our lands by entering into RECOGNIZANCE.

Past debts and past Sovereignty will be extinguished through RECOGNIZANCE.

Our people cannot legally engage in a Treaty if the Sovereignty is extinguished.