Refute Native Title Declaration

Refute Native Title Declaration

(This is a resource for First Nations People to use.  This might be useful to place at Native Title Meetings disputing process and lodging on record a complaint.)


Declaration Refuting Native Title


This is a Declaration Refuting the process of current ‘Native Title’ and the Native Title Tribunal. 


I am not fully informed of my rights under Native Title nor am I fully informed of the consequences of Native Title and the impacts of any Agreements over my lands as a First Nations Person and a direct Descendent of First Nations People in Australia.


The process of Native Title has never been clearly explained to me or to my Family. Any Native Title meetings requiring a ‘Vote’ before a proper Full Informed Procedure is a breach to my Right of Knowledge and Inherent Birth Right to determine adequately.


It has never been made clear to me either in writing or verbally about Native Title issues concerning my Birth Right to my country and Land area Jurisdiction.


I as a First Nation Person have grave concerns that my fellow ‘Countryman’ have been placed in positions to either make a vote or make decisions affecting all our rights to our Homelands either under duress and/or uninformed as well.


There needs to be Adequate measures put in place for gaining ‘Informed Consent’ and I firmly believe that the Native Title Process via the Native Title Tribunal does not meet this criteria.


There are apparently a number of Native Title Applications that have Land and Boundary issues.  The Government, Crown or Native Title Tribunal does not have jurisdiction to determine land issues belonging to First Nations and needs to be put before an Impartial Court to rectify further.


I have not Acquiesced my Lands within my Land Boundaries for my Nation and Command to be Fully Informed on matters pertaining to my Land Rights.


Declared by



­ _________________________________________________________________



First Nation Bloodline of the ______________________________ Nation

                                                            (Nation Name)



Downloadable version here: This is a declaration refuting the process of the Native Title Tribunal.pdf (5,9 MB)